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Multi-Sport Pack

The Multi Sports Pack gives you access to 35 of your favorite sports networks and over 20 Regional Sports Networks. This is the television package for die-hard sports fans that want access to it all. Gain access to professional sports with live games, original shows, and in-depth analysis from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and top European soccer leagues. Also gain access to college conferences like the Big Ten and the Pac-12. Never miss an extreme sporting event, race, or Olympic sport with access to regional sports outside your local market!



You get more with DISH Business

DISH pricing includes your first receiver fee; whereas DirecTV charges anywhere from $7-$15 each starting with your first receiver.

Quality doesn't have to cost more

DISH delivers hassle-free HD satellite TV and music to US businesses and property owners.
We give you the latest technology at a great price.

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